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10 Ways to Eliminate Toxins

10 Ways to Eliminate Toxins

Posted on November 16, 2017

In my mid-20s, I use to stop by Starbucks every morning and sip a grande soy latte unsweetened from a plastic straw. In my pretty head, I was saving my teeth from getting stained that gross yellow color by sipping through a straw.

Fast forward to present, I’m literally cringing as I write this. The hot drink mixed with the plastic straw and the amount of chemicals I consumed! My poor body and what I put it through! (cringe)

I don’t know about you, but I try to limit myself from toxin exposure as much as possible.

In case you’re wondering, I now own a fancy coffee maker at home and consume it through a Glass Straw or a Silicone Straw. (gotta keep your teeth pearly white. amiright?)

In the world we live in today, it’s impossible to live a toxin free life. So I try to balance it out as much as possible.

For instance, I have yet to find a skincare/makeup regimen that’s all natural and effective. But I’ve found a way to moisturize my body by using all natural products. After all, your skin is the biggest organ in the body.

It’s all about BALANCE.

Here are 10 ways to begin eliminating toxins from your daily life:

♡ Avoid drinking from plastic bottles/cups. Most plastics are made from BPA, an industrial chemical found in plastics, which is a known to cause hormonal imbalance. I’ve switched out all my Tupperware with glass at home.

♡ Opt for organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. When dining out, it’s impossible to know all the ingredients in the food I’m consuming. So when I eat at home I try to purchase organic, grass-fed meats and organic produce as much as possible.

♡ Take a probiotic every morning to eliminate toxic bacteria from your gut.

♡ Sweat out your toxins! I get my sweat sess through SoulCycle, ballet class, or the sauna. For years, I was taking hot yoga classes 3-4 times per week. I think this is a great way to sweat it out while burning some major calories. (currently on a mini hiatus as I’ve burnt myself out on hot yoga)

♡ Drink 8-10 cups of quality filtered water throughout the day. Bonus points for adding fresh lemon juice to your water to detox!

♡ Swap your regular tampons for organic tampons. Do you realize the amount of nasty pesticides that cotton absorbs? Oh the HORROR! I’ve swapped out my usual Tampax for The Honest Company Organic Cotton Tampons .

♡ Swap out your lotion for natural oils. More here.

♡ Avoid fake sweetners. Back to the days when I was consuming Starbucks every morning, I would order my soy latte’s unsweetened and add 2 packets of Splenda to avoid the calories. (cringe) I didn’t realize at the time but I was doing my body more harm than good. Currently, I opt for natural sweetners like Manuka honey, organic coconut sugar, or Stevia.

♡ Switch out your deodorant for an all natural deodorant. I use this brand. This isn’t an antiperspirant. Your lymph nodes are located in your underarms and it’s a vital function of your body to release toxins by sweating it out.

♡ Consume fiber rich foods at each meal. I’ve switched up my normal kale/spinach routine with cabbage. I’ll add fresh cabbage to my morning smoothie and add steamed cabbage with each meal. More health benefits of cabbage here.

What are your thoughts? Totally doable, no? Would love to know your tips on how you eliminate toxins from your daily life.

xx Maddie


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