Beauty Tip: Face Shaving

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Beauty Tip: Face Shaving

Posted on March 27, 2017

So now that we’re friends, can you keep a secret? I shave my face every other week….. (crickets…..)

I’m sure you’re thinking, WTF?! Do you have that much facial hair? And doesn’t your hair grow back thicker?

Let me share some details with you now that I’ve been shaving my face for years now. 4 years to be exact. Actually, come June 2017, it’ll be my 4th anniversary. (LOL) Seriously, it will be tho…

Why? Because I have a lot of peach fuzz on my face. It’s so thin that you would never know, but it’s there. Oh, it’s SO there. It’s just not very visible because it’s so thin. You’d be surprised at just how much facial hair you have too! But if you’re naturally blonde, it’s probably LESS noticeable. But I naturally have black hair so it is somewhat noticeable if you get super close. AKA, my facialist, boyfriend and I, we all know. I’ve also noticed that shaving my face exfoliates my skin. Not only does the razor get the peach fuzz of, but it also gets the “gunk” off my face too. And due to the exfoliating effects, my makeup goes on SO SMOOTH afterwards. And I get that natural glow without doing much. Just running a razor over my face, really.

How? So I use the  Face Hair Removal Razors  to shave my face. I don’t use a razor that I shave my legs with. TBH, I’ve never tried and it’s never really appealed to me. I purchased my razors in Korea but I’ve linked it for you below off of Amazon. I shave my face every 2 weeks first thing in the morning, before I wash my face. I’ve tried to shave after I’ve cleansed my skin, but the razor is a little too harsh against my bare skin if it’s washed. So with the natural oils from my skin , I start to shave my face with short strokes at a 45 degree angle. Again, short strokes is the key. If you try to go at it in one long stroke, it probably won’t work and you’ll potentially nick your skin. After a few short strokes, I’ll wipe off the razor on a tissue. That’s when I can see all the fine hair that I didn’t realize I had! So it’s short strokes, wipe, repeat! I’m careful around my eyes and do not shave my forehead. It’s just really hard for me to shave on my forehead for some reason. So typically, I end up plucking the fine hair around my eyebrows.

And then? So after I’ve shaved, I’ll cleanse my face and put a sheet mask on for 20 minutes. I’ll typically use the Aloe Vera sheet mask from Innisfree because the aloe vera helps calm my skin. Then I’ll top it off with 5 drops of face oil. I’ll first dab 3 drops of facial oil on my face and let that really absorb and sink into my skin. Then I’ll go back with another 2 drops over my face. I go back a second time to really hydrate my skin since I’ve literally shaved a layer of skin off my face. I’ve been loving Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil lately because it really absorbs well, hydrates and brightens my face all without parabens. But it does have a very intense smell at first. It does fade after a few minutes but if you’re sensitive to fragrance, this might deter you from using this product.

The end? Yup. The end. And for me, my hair has not grown back thicker nor longer. It’s still very fine, peach fuzz. I’ve tried threading my face but it gets costly and threading doesn’t exfoliate my face like shaving. Just ensure that you wash your razor after each use so bacteria doesn’t build up. I run my razor over water and spray it with anti-bacteria spray. Also, I’ve never shared this with my boyfriend, guy friend, gay BF nor my dad. The male species don’t need to know, you know? It’s a total girl thing and they just don’t need to know the nitty details. Let there be a bit of mystery involved to where they think we’re naturally beautiful.

xx Maddie


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