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Because Not All Honey’s Are Created Equal…

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Because Not All Honey’s Are Created Equal…

Posted on April 21, 2017

I want to introduce you to my new honey,  Manuka.

The name sounds a bit funky, doesn’t it? When I first started reading about it, I imagined this to be produced in a far, far and far way land. Somewhere where bee’s roam free without the prospect of getting killed and instinct. (which BTW is a serious global problem. but another topic for another time?) Anyway, back to my honey, Manuka. You must know that not all honey’s are created equal. In fact 2/3’s of the honey you see on the shelves in your local groceries are heavily processed, full of “other” ingredients that lacks the pure nutrients that make honey so good for you. So I’ve spent considerable amount of time researching the topic of honey and found that raw, unpasteurized, organic, unfiltered Manuka honey works best for me.

Manuka  honey is made by bees in New Zealand that pollinate the manuka bush. It has been used through the ages to heal wounds and raw honey has natural antibacterial properties. To see the benefits of Manuka honey, you need to get the proper stuff. So before you shop, make sure that you’re getting the real deal. Proper Manuka honey comes from New Zealand, and will have a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating of 10+ or more on its label.  Cheaper imitations are likely to be less effective.

The benefits of  Manuka honey include:

Healing: Manuka honey’s healing properties make it a great superfood. It has anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and can be used to boost the immune system to help fight off illness and improve skin conditions. It also soothes a sore throat, and can be used externally on cuts, wounds and ulcers to assist with the healing process.
Sore Throat: When my immune starts to shut down, the first sign that my body alerts me is a sore throat. So for me, I add 2 teaspoon of Manuka honey with a squeeze of one full lemon in warm (not hot) water. For me, Manuka is perfect way to treat and shorten the length sore throat. It fights bacteria and viruses while also boosting the immune system.

Improves Digestion: It helps fight bloat because Manuka contains a natural pre-biotic, which is important for nurturing the gut’s good bacteria, and can therefore help the digestive system rebalance itself naturally.

Boosts Energy: It could be the sugar in honey, but it gives you a kick of energy. I see it as all the nutrients found in Manuka that give me the energy. But with all things, moderation is the key. So if you’re trying to avoid sugar in your diet, I suggest taking no more than 2 teaspoon a day or maybe even a few times a week. Do you, boo. And whatever works best for you.

Skin Booster:With so much nutrients and the anti-bacterial benefits, it’s no wonder that Manuka is good for your skin. There are so many skin products out there that include honey. You can DIY at home by applying 1-2 tablespoons of Manuka honey directly on clean skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wipe away with a warm cloth. This is really good for anyone suffering from acne. And because honey is moisturizing, it won’t leave your skin dry, buts supple.

For me, I add it into for a dash of sweetness. (oatmeal, yogurt, toast, tea, smoothie, almond milk, matcha tea, etc) I try to shoot for it daily but I think ideally it’s been 3-4 times a week, depending on my travel schedule. I avoid all other honey as I’m literally afraid of what’s actually in those other honey’s. I’ve been taking Manuka honey for almost a year now and the biggest difference I’ve seen is on my digestive health and sore throat. Hope this post inspires some of you to try out Manuka or research other types of honey that may benefit your health!

xx Maddie

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