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Best Tea to Beat Bloat

Posted on December 18, 2017

I sometimes wake up from a nights sleep and can’t recognize myself because I wake up with a super puffy face. Have you been there or is it just me?

A night of too much savory indulgences or drinking way too much Rośe.

Along the years, I’ve learned a few tricks up my sleeve on how to beat bloat. But this lil gem has done wonders for my waistline as well as my face.

Let me back up, yeah?

So while in Korea earlier this year, all my GF’s were ordering Burdock tea at every meal. I’m like Burdock tea? What is Burdock anyway?

Burdock is a root and it helps with digestion, bloating and inflammation. Specifically, it helps detox your lymphatic system, blood and skin.

According to this article, it has tons of health benefits including:

♡ Natural diuretic

♡ Good for digestion

♡ Helps maintain blood sugar levels

♡ Aids in weight loss

♡ Strengthens lymphatic system

The taste isn’t anything incredible. It tastes like a roasted root. (if you can imagine)  But I’d seriously chew on a stone if it was good for me.

So I’ve been sipping on this tea during the day and it’s done wonders for water retention. I just feel lighter and my stomach is constantly flat. I can’t recommend this tea enough and it’ll literally help you detox!

I’ve bought loose leaf tea while in Korea but you can purchase Burdock tea in tea bag from here.

xx Maddie

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