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Korean Make-Up 101

Korean Make-Up 101

Posted on September 13, 2017

In my ideal world, I want to look flawless without looking like I have any make-up on. Actually, I want that pore-less, porcelain skin so I don’t have to wear any make-up. I mean… wouldn’t life be grand if I could just walk out the door with just sunblock on my face? Maybe in my next lifetime, but until then, I’m constantly looking for make-up tips that’ll get me to look flawless.

So here I am in Korea, asking my GF what she’s done to her skin because it’s literally glowing. It’s like her skin but better. She shared with me that it’s not a change in her skincare routine but her make-up routine. She recently took a 1:1 make-up class with a celebrity make-up artist that completely transformed her make-up routine. And of course, I was ALL EARS and already on my phone calling to get an appointment.

Here are a few things I learned:

♡ If your face is warm or heated (from sun, working out, hot shower, humidity), make-up will not go on smoothly. So it’s imperative you cool your face down first. She suggested an ice facial. Basically dunking your face into a bowl of ice water. This will cool down the temperature and tighten pores. However, the easier way is the ice roller. (obvi)

♡ Always start with a clean, well moisturized face. A lot of times, she’ll start off the make-up sessions by applying a cold sheet mask or eye mask. Tip: keep all your sheet masks in the fridge.

♡ It’s all about PINK primer. This is THE latest craze  in Korea. Majority of Koreans have yellow undertones. So in order to brighten yellow complexion, it’s a pink primer. For pink undertones, it’ll be a blue primer. But for me, pink worked like a charm. Also, let’s not confuse brighten with whiten. I fully realize Asians in general want to look whiter, but this primer will not whiten your skin. It’ll brighten your complexion -like you just got 9 hours of sleep, took a cycle class, got a shot of B12, along with a facial at Burke Williams.

♡ You don’t want to apply the pink primer to your entire face. Just in the areas where light will hit naturally. See below for where to apply on face:

♡ Liquid foundations are the closest thing to getting that natural, “I’m not wearing any make-up” look. This was tough for me to digest because I rarely wear foundation. My life revolves around cushions because it’s so easy peasy. And cushions have SPF of 50 so it adds a layer of sun protection over my sunblock.

♡ You’re never going to find that perfect shade of liquid foundation, so she showed me how to mix and match liquid foundations. With my skin tone, she recommend I mix yellow and pink toned foundation to get my perfect skin shade.

♡ It’s all about tapping. 40% of the session was the make-up artist tapping my face. LOL. When applying primer, she would gently tap the primer into my skin using a wet beauty blender. Never rub it into your skin but dot your face with the primer, and tap it into your skin gently. (continuously)

♡ When applying liquid foundation, she would initially brush it on my skin to spread evenly, but basically, tap it into my skin with the foundation brush. That’s right. She would tap it into my face to ensure its well absorbed.

♡ When applying heavy eye make-up, use a pencil eyeliner and lightly smoke out your eyes.

♡ When wearing no/minimal eye make-up, use a liquid eyeliner to get more defined look.

♡ 95% of the make-up artist in Korea use Peripera lip tints because it has the best staying power. She wasn’t partial to any brands during the make-up session, with the exception of Peripera. So naturally I ran out and purchased myself some tints.

♡ Apply glitter eyeshadow in the middle of your eyes to get that refreshed look. So I don’t really wear eye makeup. Basically because I don’t know how… So she showed me subtle and natural ways to wear eye make-up that make my eyes look longer. (I have big round eyes)

♡ Since I have big round eyes, she suggested I elongate my eyeliner but not wing up. (i.e. cat eyeliner) Instead, she suggested I elongate my eyeliner down. This will ensure a more natural, cute puppy eyes that Korean men like. LOL.

Here is a picture of me and my GF:


Overall, I learned that base make-up is super important. And luxury make-up isn’t necessarily the best. She herself used a lot of Etude House, Aritaum, and Clio brands, which are all road shop brands. And I’ve learned how to apply eye make-up based on my eye shape.

xx Maddie

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