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Mini Delights

Posted on September 13, 2017

Man, oh man. Has it been an eventful few days. Korea is so amazing because there are so many things to do, to eat, to drink, and to experience.

Like what you ask? Well, glad you asked because I’m going to share.

Earlier this week, my GF took me to a Korean sauna where we spent the whole day. It’s 4 floors of spa, sauna’s, cafe’s, outdoor terrace, hot tubs and basically everything you can think of. It’s like Disneyland for females. We spent the whole day here because it was so amazing. We ended up getting a 90 minute sports massage, mani/pedi’s, drinking detox pumpkin juice, lunching outside in the rooftop patio area, taking naps in front of the giant TV screen, hot tubbing outdoors, and then getting a body scrub. It was just so relaxing… and I thought to myself, “I could actually live here.” LOL.

I also went to a holistic hair clinic. My hair isn’t thinning, nor do I have a receding hair line, but I feel like my hair falls out. A LOT. So I went in and got a consultation and ended up getting a wonderful hair scalp treatment, while sipping their herbal tea to restore hair health. I absolutely loved this experience! While I don’t suffer from abnormal hair loss, my scalp needed a deep cleaning. Kind of like when you go in every 6 months for teeth cleaning. While you brush your teeth twice a day, it still needs deep cleaning. Same with your scalp. I leaned so much from this experience that I’ll share on another post! Coming soon, promise!

I also met up with a friend from grad school who was in town for a few days before going to Singapore on business. And he wanted to get a tattoo while in Korea because apparently, there is this famous artist whom you have to book months in advance! However, getting a tattoo is illegal here. (had to idea) So it’s all this underground world of getting a tattoo. So I followed him through Itaewon to get his tattoo. It was quite the experience because everything was so secretive. Like no pictures of any kind in the studio and they’re all so paranoid about it all.

All in all, the weather has cooled down significantly in Seoul. It’s still hot and humid, but just not AS hot and humid as when I first got here. I’m taking a bunch of ballet classes because it’s so popular here. And I fell in love with one this one studio with the best instructor. She’s from Japan and just so lovely. I love her energy and she’s just so graceful!

Well I’m off to ballet now and get my twinkle toes on! Have a great day.

xx Maddie

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