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October Favorites

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October Favorites

Posted on October 30, 2017

Super excited because it’s finally getting to be sweater weather in LA. The last week has been brutal because it’s been over 100 degrees here. For those of you in denial, global warming is REAL.

I attended a wedding this past weekend and between the open bar, dancing, happy tears, and bright photography lights, my makeup stayed on through the wee hours. (Literally) Because after the wedding, a bunch of us went to a Karaoke bar and sang our lil hearts out.

It’s such a shame that as much as I love to sing and hog the mic,  I can’t really carry a tune. No worries tho… all of us had one too many drinks at the wedding so I’m sure I sounded better. Maybe. Maybe not.

Anywhoooo…. I wanted to share some of my favorite products I’ve been using this month because I couldn’t believe my makeup lasted practically all day over the weekend. And come to think of it, I have not had to touch up my makeup this past month and I really do think it’s because of the below products. And the beauty tips I learned from my makeup session in Seoul recently. Click here for more info on that.

♡ J. ONE JELLY PACK: This acts as a moisturizer, fills in pores and fine lines and acts as primer. I really think this is my holy grail because I’ve noticed such a HUGE difference when it comes to my makeup’s staying power. And what I love about this product is that it’s more of a skincare rather than a primer. The primers that I use are filled with chemicals and silicone’s but this is more of a skincare step. I use it over a light moisturizer. The consistency of the product is really sticky when first applied. But if you tap the product into your skin and let it sink in for a few minutes, it’ll do wonders when you apply your foundation. This blurs imperfections, hydrates my skin and the priming effect is really the added bonus.

♡ VDL COLOR CORRECTING PRIMER: I use this on the areas of my face that I want to highlight or brighten. I certainly do NOT use this all over my face because then it’ll add that extra brightness/glow all over and make my face look bigger. Click here for more deets on that. But this really adds the perfect glow to my face, for that subtle contouring. The whole Kim K contour is cool if that’s your thing, but I prefer subtle highlight and shading. I’ve had friends ask me recently if I’m seeing a new facialist because my skin is glowing. I really do think this makes a huge difference in brightening up my skin.

♡ PERIPERA LIP STAINS: I love these. If I were to be stuck in an island, this would certainly be in my top 5 because the stain does not disappear. Full disclaimer: I’m sure it’s full of chemicals but like how I balance my check book, I pick and choose chemicals because it’s nearly impossible to go chemical free. And I choose these lip stains! I just think it’s so annoying when I have to check up on my makeup throughout the day. For me, I want to put my face on in the AM and not have to worry about anything until I take it off at night. I realize that’s impossible but with these lip stains, I’m not constantly reapplying, even after drinking or eating. These are THAT good, you guys! The staying power is just so amazing and it blurs my chapped lips. Win. Win. I love all the colors but my favorite is #5 in Elf Light Rose. This is the perfect fall shade as it’s close to a dried rose shade. It’s almost a brownish neutral pink shade that’s just so darling on all skin tones.

♡ YSL FUSION INK CUSHION FOUNDATION: There are about 100 different cushions in Korea (with me owning about 50) but this particular brand is all the rage. For instance, I had to be on a wait list for these. And I really did not want to like this. It’s on the higher price end for cushions and it doesn’t even come with a refill. And for those of you that’s used a cushion compact, it certainly doesn’t last long. (3 months if you use it daily) So I really did not want to like this but there is a reason why it’s so popular! It gives you the perfect dewy glow on your skin. And it has very minimal transfer. Some of the hydrating cushions transfer really easily. Like when you’re wearing sunglasses or your BF playfully pinches your cheeks, it doesn’t smudge all over! It leaves a really nice, natural, better than my skin finish on my skin with light to medium coverage. The down side to this is the price, minimal color options, and only offering SPF 23. Most cushions offer SPF 50 and this has really low SPF. I always, ALWAYS use sunblock during the day, but I figure an SPF 50 sunscreen and an SPF 50 cushion will offer me more protection. So I’ve been using the YSL cushion when I’m going to be in the office all day, or when I go out at night. But I’ve literally been reaching for this a lot because it offers such a nice, natural, dewy finish on my skin. And the fragrance is very minimal as well. I use shade 20.

♡ IT ANTI-AGING ARMOUR: For those of you that know, I’m obsessed with sunblock. I really do think that staying out of the sun is the secret to anti-aging. I prefer to use physical vs chemical sunblock but it’s really a personal preference. I just notice that when using chemical sunblocks, I tear up during the day from the ingredients. But I realize that my makeup has chemical sunblock ingredients in them so it’s unavoidable, really. But this sunblock really protects me from the sun. And it’s lightly tinted (which I like) because it doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin like most physical sunblocks. It only comes in one color, but once the product sinks into your skin, it’s really not noticeable. And I usually apply my cushion foundation over it anyway.

What are some of you beauty secrets? Would love for you share!

xx Maddie

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