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“One a day”


“One a day”

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“One a day”

Posted on March 20, 2017

There’s this quote in Korea, “one a day.” And it refers to using a sheet mask once a day. So it’s alarming to me that my GF’s in the states are still unaware of sheet masks when it’s the easiest and quickest way to nurture your skin. Korean’s have been using sheet masks to improve skin tone, elasticity, hydrate, reduce wrinkles, improve collagen, etc. for years! And the advancements just keep getting better. I’ve personally been using sheet masks since 2007 when I was living in Seoul for 6 months in a study abroad program for school. I was studying abroad at KAIST in Seoul when the girls in the dorm were walking around Friday nights (before heading out to social events/dates) with a sheet mask on their face and getting ready. So ever since then, I was hooked. I use it everywhere and shamelessly, I use it on long haul flights. I consider long haul when flights are over 3 hours. So I travel to NYC for work a lot so I’ll put one on mid-flight and give myself a mini-facial. And I walk out of my flight with glowing skin while the rest of the people on the same flight look tired. And my trips to Europe or Asia, I’ll use two sheet masks to give myself extra hydration. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but flights are soooooo bad for your skin. It literally sucks the water out of life. And if you’re a frequent traveler like me, it’ll definitely have an impact on your skin. I’ll certainly do a in-flight skin care routine on another blog post!

So back to my sheet mask review/routine. TBH, I don’t have the diligence to do sheet masks once a day, but I strive for it. But depending on my schedule, I’ll realistically do 2-5 times per week. It takes place of my serum in my skin care routine. Sheet masks are soaked in serum. The sheet masks should be left on your skin anywhere between 15-30 mins, depending on the sheet mask. But I caution that you should NEVER leave your sheet mask on your face for over 30 mins. The reason being, as the sheet mask starts to dry off, the paper sheet mask will start absorbing the moisture from your skin, which will have a counter effect. So please take it from my trial and error. Do not leave the sheet mask on your skin for over 30 mins as it’ll do your skin more damage than you intended.

I’ll do my morning and nighttime skin care routine in another post. But I’ll put on a sheet mask at night after I cleansed my skin, toner and then a sheet mask for 20-25 mins and end with a few different type of moisturizers. As I’ve been using sheet masks for over a decade, I’ve literally tried a hundred different brands. And currently, I switch off between 15 different brands depending on how my skin is feeling that particular day. But these two have been my go-to, favorite since the beginning. SKII and Innisfree Aloe Vera

SKII is one of my favorite skin care brands that I’ve been using since 2007. (link below) Again, I was introduced to SKII while studying abroad in Korea and I think it’s one of the best skin care brands, ever. I’m not partial to SKII products, but I keep going back to the brand because it works for my skin. The key ingredient that sets SKII apart is the Pitera water. Especially the SKII essence, which is the crucial step in my skin care routine and I notice a difference in my skin when I’m not using it. And because Pitera does wonders for my skin, I’ve become addicted to the SKII treatment masks. I’ll use the SKII sheet masks only for special, special events. Like I have an EXTRA hot date on Friday, so it’ll be part of my Thursday night skin care routine. But only for those extra special events because they’re a  bit more expensive than the other brands.

I leave the SKII sheet mask on for 30 minutes and there are always extra serum left in the package so I’ll spread that over my neck and hands as well. It’s important to note that this isn’t the best daytime sheet masks as once the serum from the sheet masks start to dry off, it’ll leave a slight film residue on your skin. So if you’re trying to put make-up on afterwards, it just won’t work. So this is recommended as a nighttime skin care routine rather than a daytime sheet mask. The morning after the SKII sheet mask, you’ll definitely notice a glow, but more importantly, you’ll notice that your make-up goes on flawlessly. Have you ever had those days where your make-up just sticks to your skin? That’s the feeling I get every single time I use an SKII sheet mask the night before. So while it’s pricey, it’s my go-to sheet mask for those extra special events.

My second recommendation is the Innisfree Aloe Vera sheet masks. (link below) Innisfree is a Korean skin care brand. I’m a fan of this brand, because Innisfree stays away from harsh chemicals, fragrance, and sulfates. They try to use as much natural products as possible and you can really feel it when using their products. I like the aloe vera sheet masks because it really soothes my skin after I’ve been in the sun all day. As you’re aware, aloe vera is really hydrating for your skin, but also helps soothe your skin after the sun. When I travel for work or vacation, I’ll travel with this particular sheet mask because it’s pretty inexpensive and it just gets the job done by hydrating and soothing. So sometimes I’ll use this in the AM and PM guilt free because it’s so inexpensive. And you’ll notice a slight hint of smell of aloe vera from this sheet mask. I’ve used other inexpensive sheet mask before and the scent is sometimes just so strong that I can’t handle it. I feel like it was soaked in unnatural fragrance and it just can’t be good for my skin. All of Innisfree products, however, are never heavy in fragrance.

I would be happy to share my other sheet mask collections but these two seem to be in constant rotation all the time.

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