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Reflecting on 2017

Reflecting on 2017

Posted on December 28, 2017

As the year ends, I can’t help but reflect on the year…

For me, it started out as a challenging year but ultimately ended in a year of personal growth. TBH, it’s been awhile since I’ve felt personal growth. The last few years have been a bit stagnant to say the least, but this year there were ups and downs. And through those ups and downs, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my personal journey with God.

The moment where I changed my attitude this year was when I was brunching with my best guy friend in Malibu earlier in the year. I was venting out my frustrations and he sat there quietly listening to me. At the end, he said these exact words to me that was so simple yet profound. “Welp, it could be a lot better but it could also be a lot worse.”

I remember staring out into the sunlight as it reflected off the waves and sipping on my green juice, reflecting on his words. I suddenly started to laugh out loud. (literally) It struck me that life could be better but it could also be worse. And the life that I’m living now is the life that I once prayed for. And than’s when I decided to make the best out of every situation from that moment on.

I wanted to share how I’ve reflected on this year and how I set my intentions for 2018.

♡ 5 moments in 2017 that you’re most proud of

♡ 5 (or more) intentions you would like to set for yourself in 2018

♡ showing 5 people you’re most grateful for in 2017 by sending them a personalized handwritten card

♡ choosing 5 pictures in your 2017 on your phone and getting them printed/framed to put around the house

I admit, before writing down my reflections from 2017, I felt very “meh” about 2018. But yet everyone (and by everyone I mean social media) was so ready to kill it in 2018. I almost felt guilty like I was lacking the ambition or something.

But last week, I hosted a dinner party at my place for Christmas. And one of my besties stayed behind to help me tidy up. And she herself shared with me that she’s not really excited about the new year and it’s just really another year for her. Her exact words were, “I’m just whatever about it.”

You might think it’s two Debbie downers, but for me, I didn’t feel so alone. I’m ready for the new year but not having that “kill it” attitude. Maybe it’ll come and maybe it won’t. But that’s okay. I’m clear on my intentions for the new year and on my time.

And you? How do you reflect on the new year?

xx Maddie

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