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Seoul: 10 Things I Discovered

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Seoul: 10 Things I Discovered

Posted on September 7, 2017

♡ Birthday’s are pretty much irrelevant because at the beginning of the year, everyone is automatically a year older. Oh, and the worst part?  You’re already a year old when you’re born. This completely sucks for babies born in December. Because you’re already a year old but come January of the new year, you’re already 2 years old when you’ve only been living in this earth for 2 months! As a country that thrives on eternal youth, I just don’t get it…

 You can drink anytime and any establishment’s can serve alcohol 24/7. So the 2am tacos after a night of drinking is more like 7am breakfast here. The clubs and bars don’t start “happening” until 2am. This is literally the city that never sleeps.

♡ You can drink anywhere. There are no off limits areas – streets, beaches, and the bus if that floats your boat.

♡ Needless to say, it’s a big drinking culture. HUGE. I would never challenge a Korean to a drinking dual. Just don’t.

♡ The weather changes here in a hot minute. At 3pm you’re headed to the pool and at 4pm, it is straight up Wizard of Oz outside.

♡ There are SO MANY AMAZING COFFEE SHOPS off of every street. It’s actually stressful to think of the amount of photo shoots I need to have in front of every single one. So many options!

But coffee here is really, really expensive, especially in Gangnam. My almond milk latte, 1 shot, no foam, was $13 the other day. WTF. LOL.

♡ Traffic here is legit. When I first came here I was like, oh how cute they think they have traffic… Meanwhile, someone smarter than I am was probably like, oh how cute, the girl from LA thinks our traffic isn’t bad and isn’t going to leave enough time to get anywhere. #mybad

Almost everyone utilizes public transportation here because it’s so amazing. It’s quick, efficient, economical, and clean. I actually enjoy public transportation during my stay in Seoul. That’s a big statement from someone that’s never utilized public transportation in LA, nor NYC. Unless you count Uber pool as public transportation.

♡ However, AVOID public transportation at all times during rush hour times because you’ll literally get shoved out of the bus. Safe to say that there are no legal limits of people that can be in a bus/subway. The other day, I was getting pushed around as people were exiting so I was the nice LA girl getting out of the bus to let people through. But I lost my spot as more people entered the bus so I was left stranded in the middle of an unknown bus spot. Slightly peeved, I ended up taking a cab.

xx Maddie



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