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Seoul: 11 Things I Discovered

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Seoul: 11 Things I Discovered

Posted on September 13, 2017

♡ A girl in my ballet class always has the best gel manicure with the chicest nail designs. Come to find out, she pays $175 bi-weekly to maintain. WTF. LOL.

♡ Cicadas are loud bugs.

♡ The weather report will always show rain because it’s basically a 50% chance on any given day during the summer.

Myeongdong has very fancy street food. Like I went to order hash browns and it was actually potatoes au gratin with gruyère.

♡ Humidity. I know I tend to be dramatic at times, but it’s REALLY humid here in the summer.

♡ There are no salads at Korean Restaurants. Unless you count Kimchi.

♡ Everyone is constantly on their phones because it’s the world’s most wired city. That’s because you can literally do everything on your phone. The other day, I was shopping with my cousin when I complained how hot it was. She got on her phone and turned the air conditioner in her apartment down so it’ll be nice and chill when we walk in. Like, what?!

♡ South Korea has at the world’s fastest internet connection speed. Makes complete sense because Koreans are very impatient.

♡ It seems like no one here sleeps. Everything is open 24 hours – cafes, restaurants, spas, shopping centers are open any hour of the night.

♡ Celeb stalking is quite common here. I met a girl at a bar in Itaewon who showed me a blog site of a celebrity’s every move. Like, if he leaves his house, it’ll get updated in real-time. This isn’t updated by the celebrity, but a stalker fan who follows celebrities. WTF.

♡ Green tea flavored EVERYTHING. From donuts, chocolates, nuts, jelly’s, mixed alcohol drinks…

xx Maddie

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