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Soulcycle Review

Posted on March 16, 2017

Have you been? If not, sign up for a class ASAP, if not sooner. I’ve introduced so many people to Soulcycle that I should be an ambassador for the Brand. But for reals, I’m truly a believer of SC. And some say it’s cultish and I guess that’s one way of looking at it. But it’s a Brand that brings together a community of people to sweat and inspire each other. And if that’s a cult, then, yes. I belong to a Cult. For those of you that are new and are intimidated by it, let me provide some 411 for ya. Like I mentioned, I’ve introduced so many of GF’s to SC and their main reason for not wanting to try is because they think they’re out of shape and won’t be able to keep up. However, that should not deter you from trying it out because you can just grab a bike in the back and do your thing. Do your thing as in, if you’re out of breath, then sit and just cycle with low resistance. No judgement from anyone. Promise! And as you get better, you’ll eventually be front row where you’re leading the energy of the room. If not, you can always just cycle to your max in the back. Front row is typically for experienced riders. Confused to what I’m saying? Read on!

My GBF first introduced me to SC back in 2012. I wasn’t new to spinning as I took classes at Equinox, Crunch Fitness or other local, smaller studios. I’ve heard of SC but didn’t realize what all the hype was about. But I trusted by GBF who had been riding with Soulcyle for a few months then. So he signed me up for a 9:30am class on a Saturday in Weho with Club MB.

My initial experience started off a bit chaotic… The class was located in West Hollywood, CA and I didn’t know where to park (street parking is best, if not, the garage located in the back where they validate and its $2). And the actual entrance to the studio is in the back by the Equinox entrance, not on Sunset. So after finally finding the studio, the front desk assistant walked me to my bike to help set-up. But since I had gotten there just a few minutes before class started, the class was already packed with people setting up their bikes. The class was so full of people and bikes, it was hard to get to my bike in the back. The bikes were literally a feet away from each other and you really can’t get to your bike unless you squeeze through people. Not going to lie, I was already intimidated.
And let me add that the studio is really dark. Most of the time you’re riding in the dark with minimal lighting. This is on purpose because during the ride, they emphasize that you should just “Do you.” (my all time life MO) So no need to focus on the chick in front row who’s riding her bike like someone’s chasing after her Louboutin’s. (that front row annoying chick would eventually be me BTW)

The front desk assistant had her little flashlight to help me set up my bike. She was super helpful and just really positive vibes. So once I hopped onto my bike, class started. My instructor was MB and it’s like she was a DJ/Rockstar/Dancer/Therapist. It literally felt like clubby-vibe. The music is so in sync with the choreography so you’re riding to the beat of music. MB then starts singing to the music and many times, gets off her bike and dances around. And when you’re out of breath and tired, there is nothing more inspirational and motivational than seeing her dance. As one of my girl friend from New York, Katie, said, “she’s a performer.” Katie had it spot on. MB was a performer and it made me ride harder and I pushed myself as I’ve never done before. And it felt great. Talk about endorphins. I was drenched in sweat after class and felt so inspired to take the world on. Have you ever had that feeling?

The class also turned out to be a bit of therapy session. It felt that way to me because during the ride, MB would say really profound and inspirational things. But not in a cheesy-motivational- speaker-kind-of-way. I’ve introduced another GF, Chloe, to Soulcycle with MB and she literally cried during one of her classes because she was going through a tough time and something MB said during class really hit home with her. And she started to tear up during class but it got mixed in with the sweat so no one really noticed. But we had a heartfelt conversation during brunch and bottomless mimosa’s afterwards. It can be a really deep experience, especially if you find an instructor that you click with. For me, I was super lucky my GBF introduced me to MB from the beginning. I’ve taken classes at other studios (NYC, Austin, SF, and LA) and while I get a great workout at each class, I’ve found that I click better with some. But that’s life, right? My GF, Sam, loves Angela in Weho (whose class fills up literally in 7 seconds), she’s a little too intense for me. So it’s really up to the rider.

Just a couple more tips.. .You have to either have spin shoes or you can rent at the studio.You can sign-up online beginning Monday at 12pm for Tuesday – Monday of the following week. For the popular instructors, bikes fill up real quick. Especially if you’re like me and need a bike front row in facing they mirror. (hey, I like watching myself tapping it back, k?) And as I mentioned before, if you’re out of shape and think you’re not going to be able to keep up, no need to sweat. Grab a bike in the back and no one will see you because the rooms are really dark. And you’ll eventually build up your endurance if you go consistently. And if you’re intimidated by all he Lululemon clad skinny girls that attend class, don’t be. Because at the end of the day, you should Do YOU! As MB says in each class, “Who gives a f-k what anyone thinks?”

I really hope this short posts inspires you to try it out once if you’ve been contemplating. This may or may not be the workout for you but at least you’ve rode the yellow unicorn once.

xx, Maddie

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